Abdullah Green
1 min readDec 12, 2021

Blogging is not a monologue. It’s a dialogue.

Blogging is a dialogue.
It's a dialogue with your audience. It took me probably 5 years to understand that :D

I start writing [publicly] in 2016 - when somebody stole my smartphone in a coffeeshop in Prague [I think that post is still somewhere in my facebook page]. Those of you who follow my blog posts from those days - maybe remember that post.

I wrote about myself there. I was self-focused. Writing just about me, for me, by me [super selfish].

You can write a few months with such mentality, but it is not sustainable. At some point you will have nothing to say, so you stop blogging [which happened to me].

After 5 years I got a little more experience, little more knowledge, little more understanding of how things work - now I understand blogging is actually not a monologue. It is a dialogue.

In a dialogue - first you listen to the other person ["Listen" is the key word here]. And only then you say something back.

My English teacher [who was a Psychologist by education] used to say: "the best conversationist is the one who listens to you. Who is actually interested in what you are saying."

Abdullah Green

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