City of 15 Million Diverse People

Abdullah Green
1 min readAug 11, 2020

Turkey has a totally different culture than Europe [obviously]. It is natural that when a person comes to this part of the world after living in the Western country for almost half a decade, he will have initial culture shock.

On my first day in Istanbul my jaw dropped when I saw CROWDS of people EVERYWHERE. So many people. So much NOISE that it was difficult to breath freely.

It was really unusual for me. I guess I was too used to a quiet, clean, organised city of Prague with population of only 1 million something people [Istanbul has 15 million population].

Istanbul is sooo huge it is crazy. The only city I have been to - that is as big and diverse - is New York.

Istanbul for me is like Muslim version of New York: huge city, a lot of diverse cultures, crowded, everybody is rushing somewhere, extremely busy city [maybe Paris can also compete with them].

Now I am already more or less used to this busy city. People have been only nice to me so far. I am enjoying listening the sound of Adhaan early in the morning and during the day [there are literally 3 mosques in my neighbourhood].

I am enjoying convenience of having a place to pray wherever I go and of EATING whatever I wish and wherever I wish.

So far it has been only good experiences. I hope it will continue being so.

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Abdullah Green

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