Good friends + Job + Hobby = Happiness ?

Abdullah Green
1 min readAug 13, 2020

Do sports regularly. Eat healthy. Have a job. Have 3 friends with whom you feel safe and happy [who always support you, especially on your difficult days] — hang out with them after work and on weekends. Be a good friend yourself.

If you want to have friends who always got your back, you need to always have their back too. Any relationship is a “two-way street”.

Remember that nobody owes you anything. Be more humble. Everybody got their own problems, they are not obliged to do anything for you [especially your husband, wife, siblings or parents].

If they do something good for you, be appreciative. Be thankful. Because they are NOT OBLIGED to help you in any way. Nobody is. If they help you, it is only because they are good people and doing you a favour.

Try different things. Try working at different jobs. Find what you love doing. Find your passion. Find your favourite type of job, favourite company, colleagues who you love. Stick with them.

Stick to your favourite job, to type of sport you enjoy, to your hobby, to friends you love, and to family you adore. Stay happy everyday 🙂

Abdullah Green

IT Project Manager at Amazon. Educated in Czechia and England. Enthusiastic about Business, Islam, and Technologies. Currently living in Prague.