In Turkey you will find whatever you are looking for [literally anything]

Abdullah Green
1 min readAug 17, 2020

So far I have been enjoying my stay in Istanbul: people, places, restaurants, mosques, architecture, nature.

The city is so big that you can find literally ANYTHING you look for.

Two days ago we walked around Istanbul, city center, visited “broadway” kind of place, Arab neighbourhoods, cruised on a boat on Mediterranean waters.

At night we stumbled into a neighborhood full of bars and nightclubs. Music was sounding from everywhere.

At the same time, the sound of Adhan was “remixing” with the noise of people, American pop songs, and car horn sounds.

I turned to my friend and said “What you look for, you find in Istanbul, huh?”. Then I thought: “Just like in Dubai”.

If you are looking for religion, mosques, spirituality — you can totally find it in Turkey.

If you are looking for fun, girls, clubs — you can find that too. No problem.

If you are looking for beautiful nature and architecture — Turkey has a lot of those.

Calm and safe family life? No problem with that either.

You just need to figure out what you want 🙂

Abdullah Green

IT Project Manager at Amazon. Educated in Czechia and England. Enthusiastic about Business, Islam, and Technologies. Currently living in Prague.