My Masters degree delivered from the UK

Abdullah Green
2 min readMay 22, 2021

I got my Masters degree to my hands [finally]. Eternally grateful to the Almighty for giving me such opportunity to study and graduate from one of the British Universities, earning a degree that is recognised in any part of the world [a thousand million times Alhamdulillah].

Having two European degrees [one in IT and one in Management] in my hands gives me confidence that I am capable of doing some things in proper way. Although those are just pieces of paper that doesnt necessarily guarantee a successful career, they are my tickets to job interviews at any respected company in the world. As my English teacher used to say “a degree is just paper that takes you to the job interview. After that point, it is completely up to you whether you get the job or not.”

To those words I can only add the following. Even if you get the job, passing the interview with your potential manager… starting from day one at your job your degree means absolutely nothing. From that day, what actually matters is what you actually have in your brain.

Your knowledge. Your ability to learn quickly. Your communication skills. Coding skills. Management skills. Things that are not “shown” on your degree.

That being said, my degrees still give me confidence in myself. They are my proofs that I am able to set goals and achieve some of them with hard-work and certainly a lot of duaa to Allah.

Abdullah Green

IT Project Manager at Amazon. Educated in Czechia and England. Enthusiastic about Business, Islam, and Technologies. Currently living in Prague.