Nobody Gives a Damn About You

Abdullah Green
2 min readMay 1, 2020


When you lose your job. When your loved one leaves you. When you trust your brother your whole life, then he pulls something shady behind your back. When it feels like you lost your family.

Do you sometimes have a feeling that you are all alone? That nobody seems to be there for you.

They seem to be around. But they dont see you.

They seem to be talking, moving, but they dont hear you.

Those are the moments when you understand the truth. Those are the moments when I remember the monologue of Chris Rock, when he teaches his daughter a life lesson. He intended this monologue as comedy show. But I find it serious and funny at the same time:

“Listen to me carefully. NOBODY gives a f**k about you. NOBODY! Remember this for the rest of your life.” Nobody wants to hear your story. Nobody owes you anything. Nobody cares about your difficult childhood. Nobody cares about your psychological traumas.

Nobody. Gives. Damn. About you.

Chris said some harsh words, but this is the truth. Hard truth. You realise this when you feel all alone, when things get tough.

This life is nothing but a temporary place, a test, a game. The REAL life is going to start after we die. That next life is the only thing in this world that we should care about.

We actually dont need other humans’ help. All we need to do is to worship God as much as we can [while we are alive] and do good things for other people [which is part of worshipping God].

This is the only reason why we are in this world.



Abdullah Green

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