Passion. What are you passionate about?

Abdullah Green
1 min readMay 19, 2021

It feels amazing when people reach out to you on DM and say “Hey, I loved your story [going through your last posts]. Really inspiring.”

Amazing how it feels. Just wanted to take this chance to thank my friends who feel that way about my writing, because one of them reached out to me with those nice words the other day [even though I have posted almost nothing for the last 8 months].

Everybody has some a God-given gift. Some people are great at speaking. Some are great at drawing. Some are great at math and exact science. Some are just avid readers. Me? I love writing.

Apparently whatever you are gifted at is something you should do everyday with the purpose of giving value to people. Because by doing what you are gifted at, you give MOST value to people.

And when you give value people [=help them], you will get a lot of value from them in return.

Keep doing what you are passionate about. Keep bringing people value. And with the will of Allah, you will certainly achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Abdullah Green

IT Project Manager at Amazon. Educated in Czechia and England. Enthusiastic about Business, Islam, and Technologies. Currently living in Prague.