Try not to make too rigid plans. Stay flexible, take opportunities as they show up

Abdullah Green
1 min readAug 5, 2020

What now?

If you are curious about what I am up to next, I have to tell you that I have nothing to tell you 😄

I am trying to teach myself to make a plan only for today, work hard being focused only on today, live in the present moment, make decisions with information at hand, take opportunities as they show up.

It’s why I don’t want to tell you what will happen tomorrow. There are a million factors affecting our future. It is better not to stress too much thinking of a definite plan or strategy. It is so much easier and more productive to stay flexible, taking opportunities as they show up.

What if I promise to do something tomorrow, then some crazy thing happens [like another covid]. It might get really difficult for me to keep my promise — which is why I prefer not to put myself in “jail” and stay flexible.

That being said, as you know, I like sharing my life experiences. If you are really curious about my journey, just stay tuned 😉

Abdullah Green

IT Project Manager at Amazon. Educated in Czechia and England. Enthusiastic about Business, Islam, and Technologies. Currently living in Prague.