Turkey has welcomed me quite warmly :)

Abdullah Green
2 min readAug 10, 2020

I arrived in Istanbul airport. There was no special health-related checkings. I just noticed a little more policemen in the airport.

Before boarding to the plane, though, they checked everybody’s temperature, and at the passport control everybody was required to fill out one extra form with personal details, address in Turkey, and emergency contacts.

Otherwise, the whole flight experience was as usual. I would say, even BETTER than usual [because of fewer passengers, less crowd, more convenience].

After passing passport control and collecting my suitcases from baggage carousel number 12 [I still remember this detail], I went outside. Took bus number 7. Headed to the city for 75 minutes [airport is about 50 kms away from the city centre].

When I arrived to the address that my Airbnb host gave me a week ago, I met my Turkish host [he turned out to be a great dude, we made friends right away]. Put my bags in the room. Went out to get some food. Came back to my place after an hour. I was having some jet lag. Crashed on my bed and slept for 12 hours straight [like a dead man.]

Now I am sitting in a nice Turkish cafe [writing this post for my lovely followers]. The cafe is really nice — the owner himself has just served me a cup of tea.

So far I am feeling good here [although yesterday I had a quick culture shock — about which I will maybe write later, if you are interested].

Turkey has welcomed me quite warmly alhamdulillah 🙂 #grateful



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