Abdullah Green
2 min readJul 30, 2020


Living in Europe has its ups and downs

Why would you leave Europe when literally everybody in your country are trying to get into the West in pursuit of better life?

Everybody has different life priorities. Before coming here I also used to be one of those who strive to move and settle down in America or Europe. But after living here for five years, I feel like I've squeezed almost everything out of the West for myself [mainly education and professional experience].

Now I feel like I need to “conquer” other countries [haha 😄 this sounds a little cocky, though]. Living in Europe has its ups and downs. For me personally, it is getting more and more difficult to live in a city where there is only one mosque. I miss living in a city where there are lots of muslims, mosques, many halal restaurants, and generally bigger Muslim community.

At the same time, I enjoy high quality of life. I would love to live in Dubai, for example. For me, a city like Dubai is perfect - it is very developed [even more developed than most European cities] and at the same time has good Muslim society.

At this time of covid-19, it is a struggle to find a job. But it would be nice to experience living and working in Dubai.

If you have been following my posts, you probably know that I am pretty religious person. I want to live in Islamic country, I want to raise my children in Muslim community so they grow up to be great muslims, with good education. And it is very difficult to do this if your kids go to school in Europe or America [very few parents manage this, believe me].

I cannot imagine my daughters having boyfriends. I cannot imagine my sons hanging out in clubs, drinking alcohol, smoking things. I would probably fall into depression if any of my children decide not to practice Islam.

Of course, you cannot control everything. Children can get messed up in any part of the world. But I have to do everything I possibly can to raise my kids the way I want. Otherwise, I will regret it my whole life. It might also be too EARLY for me to think about children [Maybe I am still a child myself].

But at this very moment, I just feel that I have nothing left to do in the Czech Republic. My mission here is accomplished 😉



Abdullah Green

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