Working In Uzbekistan

Abdullah Green
2 min readJul 16, 2021

“Why did you come back from abroad?!” — almost everybody has been asking me this question since I came back to my hometown from Europe [except those who already had lived abroad like me]. Even more people are surprised to find out I am WORKING here in Uzbekistan.

First of all, I have been working at this Uzbek IT company for almost a year now [starting the job two weeks after I came back from Europe in 2020]. One year passed unbelievably quickly. I have been pulled into the job so deeply that I had almost no energy to think about creating content for my social media. This is probably the reason why people are still not aware of me working here.

Secondly, I have been enjoying this job [funny how people are surprised to hear this from me]. Honestly. Not a bad job. Not at all😄

Technology is interesting sphere. Sphere that I was trained for. Sphere that has a lot of potential. A lot of things to learn, much space to grow. I have my own team here, my own office, exciting projects. Why would I not like the job?

Of course, this job has some difficulties, but which job does not?

Sometimes people do not appreciate international [mostly American] management practices that I try to implement [this is one thing I struggle at the job]. They tell me “International practices don’t work in Uzbekistan.”

I say [half-joke-half-seriously]: “So, practices that work all over the world dont work in Uzbekistan? How are we so special?”

Of course, you should always take into consideration cultural aspects of the country you are doing business in. However, best practices of the world are still the best. You just need to adjust them to your team.

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